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About Our Plans

Our original boats are designed, drawn , modeled and built  by Dave Zielinski.  Any of the boats available as plans can be purchased as a completed hull, frame kits or partial assembly.  Please contact us directly for inquiries about these options and pricing. Plans are available in PDF format for all available models. 

Plans consist of a set of lines, drawings and tables of angles that allow the builder to fabricate and assemble the hull.  Included is a brief, high level overview of the process.  A Bill of material is included for the major components.  At right is a sampling of what our plans look like. 

All of our designs have been proven on the water and our plans will allow the builder to produce a quality, high performance watercraft.  There is alot of freedom in our plans regarding interior configurations.  We provide examples and photographs for seat and storage options, but the final design and interior configuration is a matter of your own personal preference. 

We recommend that you have access to  and can safely use a variety of power tools- table saw, drill, sander, etc.  General hand tools and basic linear and angle measurements are required skills.

We would also recommend that you locate a copy of Roger Fletcher's book;  Drift Boats and River Dories: Their History, Design, Construction and Use.  This book provides a detailed look at assembly of a framed traditional drift boat as well as modelling techniques and a wealth of drift boat history. 

DISCLAIMER:  Boating is dangerous.  Working with wood and power tools is hazardous.  Down Home Boat Works and its owner is not responsible or liable for damages or injuries as a result of using our plans.  Please practice safety both on and off the water. 

Drift Boat Plans
Wood Drift Boat Plans
Wooden Drift Boat Plans
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