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The Ludwig Skiff

The Ludwig Skiff is a wide, square-ended guide boat, designed from the ground up in 2019.  This is a true three-person boat with huge carrying capacity, low side height for easy entry and exit.   This boat is designed for big rivers and flyfishers  positioned fore and aft the rower.  The wide bottom and medium rocker allows this boat to sit high and dry, even under full load.  The unique side panel design is elevated at the midsection to provide additional height at the oarlocks for comfortable rowing.  The ultimate "guide boat" designed for my friend and ultimate guide, Steve Ludwig.



Overall Length:  14'2"

Width at the oarlocks: 72"

Bottom width:  54"

Side height: 24"

About Our Plans:

Plans consist of a set of lines- dimensions, angles and drawings that provide all of the necessary information to fabricate and assemble the hull.  A Bill of Materials and assembly notes are also included with your purchase.  Upon payment confirmation, you will be emailed the PDF set of plans.

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