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The Trapper

This boat was built as a "first off" in collaboration with Roger Fletcher of the Riverstouch.  Roger tracked down the only boat in existence, an original one-off built in 1939.  He recovered it's lines in 2000 and redrew its lines.  In preparation for his book, "Drift Boats and River Dories," I built the very first full scale reproduction in 2004.  This is the boat that appears in chapter 15 of his book.  It is an interesting design of historical importance, despite its 12' length, it has a high capacity and the ability to float technical waters.  This boat has Fir side panels, Fir frames and seats, White Oak trim and chines.  It has a marine paint exterior and interior panels. Bottom is coated with 20-ounce fiberglass cloth , resin and graphite.  $2700

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