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About our Nets

The nets that I build are made from all reclaimed wood.  I utilize local hardwood that I salvage in log form, mill into lumber, air dry for several years.   I utilize unique character of the grain for handle inserts and mix a variety of woods that contrast eachother. 


The "River" series of nets are completely unique- each stripe is a free hand cut on the bandsaw and glued back together.    No two will ever be alike.  I use up to ten coats of a fine semi gloss hand rubbed oil and the highest quality net material to complete each net.  Each net is numbered and comes with a tag identifying the woods and date. 


Nets are offered in 4 sizes, the "Headwaters,"  "Colorado Special" , "Spring Creek," and the "Pennsylvania Drifter"  long handled boat model.  I do not offer custom work at this time and availability is by batch- I often make 6-8 at a time and will list them on the "Available Nets" pages.

Spring Creek 8"x16"


Pennsylvania Drifter 14-1/2" x 22" x 54" long


"The River"  handle detail


Headwaters 5"x 11"


Colorado Special 11-1/2"x16"

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